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Crossdresser Forums - A  forum for male-to-female and female-to male cross dressers.  Registration is required for posting. - A friendly forum to talk about crossdressing, set up by a husband and wife  for CD's, SO's, friends, and family. Registration is required for posting. Moderated.  There is also a picture gallery for members.

Cross Dressers Discussion Forum - A public message board for men who cross-dress. Not always friendly.

CDA (Cross Dressers Anonymous) - A Yahoo discussion group for trans-persons (CD,TS, MtF, FtM, gender variant), their significant others, and friends who support them. Not associated with any 12-step program. Membership is moderated.

A Crossdressers Secret Garden - A Yahoo discussion group dedicated to cross-dressers, as well as others in the transgender community, and their wives or partners.

The Successful Cross-Dresser - A Yahoo discussion group where members discuss issues associated with cross-dressing and life with their partners (if applicable). The purpose of the group is "to assist personal growth in one another by sharing ideas, experiences, fashion and makeup tips and techniques, or simply chatting about cross-dressing." Membership is moderated.

Susan's Place Transgender Resources - Message boards and forums devoted to transgender issues.

The Transgender Boards - Message boards devoted to transgender issues.

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Support Groups and Organizations

Gender Identity Research and Education Society - Website of a British organization containing articles about gender dysphoria and transgender issues.

International Foundation for Gender Education - An advocacy and educational organization for promoting the self-definition and free expression of individual gender identity.

National Transgender Advocacy Coalition - NTAC - An advocacy group dealing with transgender issues.

The Renaissance Transgender Association - A broad-based support group for cross-dressers, transvestites, and transsexuals. Links to information about cross-dressing and transgenderism.

Tiffany Club of New England - A Massachusetts-based transgender support organization with the motto, "The Trinity of Being: Of being masculine, of being feminine, of being one with yourself and nature."

Tri-Ess - The Society for the Second Self - Support group for male heterosexual cross-dressers.

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Articles and Websites

BioMotionLab 1.6 - Animated comparisons of male and female body movement in walking.

Construction of Sex, Gender & Sexuality: A Look at the Lives of Male Transvestites - A master's thesis by Diane Kholos Wysocki at the University of California, Santa Barbara, which discusses male-to-female cross-dressing from a feminist perspective.

The Dark Side of Cross-Dressing - An article by a M2F cross-dresser presenting a very negative view of  cross-dressing.

Dixie's Main Menu Page - Personal website with extensive discussions about M2F cross-dressing and many good links.

Feminine Movement - Tips on how to emulate feminine body movement, by Allison Daniels.

Gender Freedom and Responsibility - Sermon by Pat Conover, a bigendered minister in the United Church of Christ.

Grace & Lace Letter International - An evangelical Christian newsletter for crossdressers, transgendered, and transsexuals.

Hazel Freeman's Transgender Web - Extensive advice about M2F cross-dressing, plus a comprehensive transgender film guide.

IMFF.NET - The International Mens Fashion Freedom Network - A non-TG website that advocates skirts for men. Many pictures of men in skirts and kilts.

Jung's Anima Theory and How It Relates to Cross-Dressing - Excellent article applying theories of the famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung.

Lynn Conway's Home Page - A treasure trove of valuable articles and links about transgenderism, hosted by a successful computer engineer who is a long-time transsexual woman.

Men in Dresses - A European Medical Journal Special Monograph on transvestism/crossdressing, by Vernon Coleman, based on questionnaires completed by 414 British males during July and August 1995 and on written communications from over 600 other British males during the same period.

Men's Free Style Fashion - A discussion of "Freestyling" - men wearing items of women's clothing as men.

Observations About Transgender People - Transcript of an excellent presentation by Lin Fraser, a San Francisco-based therapist experienced with transgender and cross-dressing clients.

Psychology of Crossdressing and Transvestism - Many links to well-balanced articles about cross-dressing, why men cross-dress, what it means, its good and bad aspects, maintaining a healthy perspective on cross-dressing, and keeping it under reasonable control.

Reality Resources - a conservative Christian-oriented ministry by a former cross-dresser, aimed at helping men overcome their transgender urges through God.  Basically, he contends that all transgenderism is simply a perverted fantasy for escaping one's masculine responsibilities.

Sex and Gender Are Different - A scientific article by Milton Diamond, Ph.D., a leading researcher on sex and gender.

So You Want To Be a T-Girl - A long, detailed article with sobering, straight talk about the difficulties of becoming a M2F transsexual.

The Spirit of Transgender - A historical and multi-cultural dissertation on the spiritual aspects of transgenderism, by Holly Boswell.

The Successful Crossdresser - An informative website by a M2F cross-dresser who writes and  lectures extensively on the subject.

The Transgendered Philosopher - An essay about "committed cross-dressing" by Miqqi Alicia Gilbert, at the Department of Philosophy, York University, Toronto, Canada.

Transgender Pride - Keynote speech at a Reconciling Ministries Network Transgender Community Outreach event, discussing transgenderism and Christianity.

Transgendering, Migrating and Love of Oneself as a Woman: A Contribution to a Sociology of Autogynephilia - An academic paper from the The International Journal of Transgenderism.

URNotAlone - This website (which bills itself as "The Number One Transgendered Personals Resource) contains a busy chat room and thousands of personal profiles of TGs and their admirers.  Although some areas are free, paid membership is required for full access to content.

Yvonne's Place for Crossdressers - A personal website with insightful articles and some very interesting results of a cross-dressing survey.

We Are an Old People, We Are a New People - A multi-part work in progress by Cathryn Platine on ancient and mythological manifestations of transgenderism and goddess worship.

Webmistress's Selections - Links to numerous articles and essays about cross-dressing (part of the website of Alpha Omega, a support group for cross-dressers formerly affiliated with Tri-Ess).

What's So Funny About Cross-Dressing? - Our attitude towards transvestism says more about us than we realize, writes anthropologist Charlotte Suthrell in The New Humanist.

Where Transgender and Religion Meet - A 119-page PDF resource book from the Unitarian Universalist Association's Office of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Concerns.

Whosoever - An online magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians.

Why Be A TV? - A personal website of a M2F cross-dresser containing thoughtful discussions about the meaning of CDing and society's reaction.

Why Do Men Wear Dresses? (And Why Do Some Women Get So Upset About It?) - Article by British journalist Vernon Coleman.

The Wisdom of Direct Knowledge - A Rebirth of the Way to Gnostic Transsexuality, by Cathryn Platine.

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Crystal's StorySite - Transgender fiction archive.

FictionMania - Transgender fiction archive.

The Skirts of God - A light-hearted story set in the 1950's, about how a boy's encounter with cross-dressing radically changed his attitude about clothing.

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Hazel Freeman's International Transgender Film Guide - Probably the best transgender film guide on the web; however, most of the titles won't be found in American video stores.

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